About DayDream

Daydream is a pathway into our consciousness. It allows us to become a lighthouse and lightens our mood. Looking back at our nature through touch, breath, smell, and embrace continues our journey on this amazing planet.

The Idea of Now

Every product from DayDream is designed as a solution, enabling people to experience ease and comfort. By dedicating time to ourselves, we can detach from the past and future, and fully embrace the power of NOW.

Our Possession via Story

Owner's Story

"I grew up with my beautiful grandmother, who born and raised in South Africa. During her entire childhood period, she was growing up in her family’s farm. She used to tell me that the smell, the touch of the vegetables, and the gentleness from the animals that brought her so much joy and happiness. Organic & Beauty indirectly impacted me during my early age. Following her death at the age of 70, it proved to be an incredibly challenging period for me as I struggled to acknowledge the fact that she is no longer physically present. She was the sole person who spent time with me and provided care during my early years. My corporation is dedicated to embrace my grandmother's tremendous influence on me during my early years, gracefully guided me towards the world of Organic, Beauty & Comfort. Our path seeks to nourish our souls and strengthen our spirits, helping us to face any challenge we encounter throughout our lifetime."

Our Joy

We will allocate 10% of the revenue from our online products to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), contributing to the improvement of our planet and environment around us.


Discover the POWER of using COMFORTABLE materials. Not only do they reduce stress levels by blocking out negativity, but they also have the ability to lull us into a deep and restful sleep. Embrace the soothing sensation of fabric against our skin and SHARE the benefits of a calm mind and body.