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Number 14 Wildflowers

Number 14 Wildflowers

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Number 14 means personal freedom and self-determination. This beautiful container contains 14 beautiful flowers (see flower listing below). These 14 flowers will make wonderful cut flowers for our choice of floral arrangement. Most importantly, these 14 seeds are in a reusable tin made from recycled steel, which is better for the environment.
14 Flowers:
(1) baby's breath, (2) black-eyed susan, (3) blanketflower, (4) blue flax, (5) mixed corn poppy, (6) lance-leaved coreopsis, (7) tree mallow, (8) mexican hat, (9) perennial lupine, (10) plains coreopsis, (11) prairie coneflower, (12) purple coneflower, (13) scarlet flax, (14) siberian wallflower.

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